Our Values

We are driven by our values; they define who we are and what we do.

Integrity, dedication, innovation and respect underpins our work with both individuals and organisations and we look to deliver all of our services with these values in mind.

We value our independence, resourcefulness and flexibility and are committed to developing and delivering services that truly benefit our communities and the wider world.

We take our (corporate) social responsibility very seriously.

We start by taking great care of our people; we have a truly flexible workplace and respect the skills and talents that each member of of our organisation brings; investing in each individual and valuing their worth and uniqueness. We encourage all of our staff, consultants and Associate Counselling Team to take great care of themselves and to really think about why they do what they do. We work a bit differently; if you are ever invited to a meeting at our office, bring your walking shoes (and a dog, if you have one handy!)

We consider the environment and are committed to doing our bit towards making the world a sustainable place.  We are always thrilled to use new and green technologies especially to deliver services whenever we can.

We are socially minded and are actively involved in our communities and in organisations that are making the world a better place; especially for generations to come. We encorage involvement in charitable activity and support as many good causes as we can - with both time and money!

As an organisation, we are welcoming of opportunities to work productively in partnership to support our values and we will always try to offer pro-bono or discounted services where they are needed.