We offer consultancy for organisations of any size and from any sector. We specialise in supporting organisations and businesses whose work is inherently stressful or who provide services for people at difficult times.

Our consultancy work aims to support you to care for your people. We offer end-to-end solutions for developing and improving employee care, including:

Individual and group staff consultation - about their role, the support they receive both inside and outside of work, the challenges they face, the impact on performance these have and how you can best support them to optimise their performance

Working with you to develop your Employee Care Strategy, ensuring that it is understood and implemented right across your organisation

Developing and delivering an Employee Assistance Programme that is right for your business - meeting both your needs and your budget

Providing short-term and interim management solutions to oversee the development and improvement of employee care within your organisation; improving morale, reducing sickness absence and leaving a long-term legacy of increased employee resilience and effectiveness

Designing and delivering projects, whether issue-based (such as coping with bereavement, mental health issues, family issues, drug and alcohol problems etc.); health promotion (such as delivering relaxation and mindfulness sessions, yoga and movement sessions, improving employees' understanding of health issues and reducing harmful and promoting healthy behaviours); or pilot projects to test the potential uptake of an employee assistance programme

Undertaking impact evaluation to see how improving employee care has impacted on your business and the people who are working in it.