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We're here to ensure that anyone can access support and counselling, when they need it most.

Supporting people to succeed, even in difficult times.

Counselling Services & GriefChat®

We offer general counselling, employee counselling, online GriefChat® and specialist bereavement counselling.

Our counselling services are provided by qualified, experienced therapists who have been fully screened to ensure that they offer the very best care and support those who need it.

Counselling is available directly to the public and also to organisations via white-label contracted services, including general counselling, employee counselling, bereavement counselling and GriefChat® - the ground-breaking online chat system which puts bereaved people directly in touch with a bereavement counsellor.

Employee Counselling

We provide Employee Counselling Services, delivering confidential and impartial advice, support and counselling to employees, helping reduce stress in the workplace, improving employee performance and building resilience in both individuals and teams.

We help organisations to ensure that staff are well supported through any difficult issues they may be facing. We specialise in supporting employees who have particularly challenging roles. We also offer bespoke short-term change support packages for organisations facing periods of upheaval (including redundancy), where employees may need additional emotional support.


We deliver training in many aspects of supporting people, including handling critical incidents, managing stress, dealing with conflict and change and supporting people with difficult issues including mental health problems, substance misuse and bereavement, grief and loss.

We are always pleased to deliver bespoke projects, for example working with specific teams or groups to help resolve conflict, providing support after a major incident or undertaking a review of workplace wellness. We also offer consultancy services and organisational development support.

GriefChat® - Transforming access to bereavement care

GriefChat® is a way of connecting bereaved people directly to bereavement counsellors through a live chat programme, which can be hosted on ANY website.