We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of our new service ‘GriefChat‘.

Griefchat is a way of connecting bereaved people directly to bereavement counsellors through a live chat programme, hosted on ANY website. We’ve developed this service as we know that so many organisations and businesses would like to provide better bereavement care, but don’t have the skills or resources to provide support and counselling themselves. Now, with just a tiny bit of plugin technology, we can solve that problem and open up grief support to any organisation that wants to provide it, straight to any person who wants to access it.

We believe that GriefChat has wide application – for those companies and organisations that come into contact with large numbers of bereaved people and would like to support them better (and improve their company image as well as reduce emotional stress on the staff members who deal with bereaved cuustomers), to charities, hospices and those concerned with directly caring for bereaved people; to funeral directors and those involved in the funeral and ancilliary professions whose key concern is to ensure that the necessary processes after a bereavement are as smooth and efficient as possible.

Why GriefChat?

  • GriefChat provides an immediate and satisfactory response and better customer engagement experience
  • GriefChat is highly accessible from desktop and mobile devices
  • GriefChat can be completely anonymous where the customer prefers this
  • Online chat leaves over 85% of customers feeling satisfied, compared with 61% via email support and 48% for social media support*
  • Research shows that online counselling can be just as effective as face to face therapy**
  • Online chat appeals to younger people aged under 35 who are more reluctant to access traditional telephone and face to face counselling services.

The GriefChat Service offers:

  • Unlimited access to free online chat, provided by qualified, experienced bereavement counsellors
  • Advice, support, reassurance and understanding for grieving people
  • Information about grief and how bereavement affects both individuals and families
  • Signposting to helpful online and in-print information about bereavement
  • Information and signposting to local bereavement care services across the UK.

Added benefits

  • Access to Professional Help’s UK-wide team of professional counsellors for ongoing face to face or telephone counselling
  • Support and training for staff members on introducing the GriefChat service, supporting bereaved people and communicating with bereaved customers
  • Management information including utilisation statistics and trends.

We’d love to hear from you if you are excited about supporting bereaved people better – please do get in touch and partner with us today.



** Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Internet-Based Psychotherapeutic Interventions 2008 – Barrak, Hen, Boniel-Nissim & Shapira