Take care of the people who make your business great

Work with us to ensure that your employees can access advice, support and counselling, when they need it.

Helping your business to grow - Supporting your people to succeed

Employee Assistance

We provide Employee Assistance Services, delivering confidential and impartial advice, support and counselling to employees, helping reduce stress in the workplace, improving employee performance and building resilience in both individuals and teams.

We help business owner and managers to ensure that their staff are well supported through any difficult issues they may be facing. We specialise in supporting employees who have particularly challenging roles.


We work closely with you to develop an employee care service for your organisation, undertaking all aspects of planning, development, delivery and review.

We offer time-limited management solutions, deliver bespoke projects (e.g. working with specific teams/groups, providing support after incidents etc.) and undertake impact evaluation to measure how providing good support for your employees helps your business.



We deliver training in many aspects of supporting employees, including handling critical incidents, managing workplace stress, dealing with conflict and change and managing common issues in the workplace including mental health problems, substance misuse and bereavement.

We can also train and support key staff members to deliver care services that are relevant to the people in your business or industry, empowering them to support employees on a day to day basis.

Catherine Betley

Professional Help was established in 2012 by Catherine Betley who has over 16 years’ experience of managing organisations and projects, starting and supporting new ventures and delivering training and support to staff teams. Catherine has worked in business and across the voluntary and community sector at local, regional and national levels, including a significant period serving as a Director of a national charity.

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